Full Moon March 2021

We are entering a collective phase of regeneration and renewal. This specific spring is not only a time of birthing new plants and life forms, but it is a unique time in history where we have the unprecedented opportunity to create a new world — together. The full moon that is arriving in 48 hours is the first of 3 full moons that are gonna rock your world. I am already having massive energetic shifts, dreams, downloads and creative impulses. I know there is much more to come. I’m getting ready to be ready for an acceleration that will trump all previous incarnations. I am preparing my mind and body with daily meditation to purge the old and open the door to the new. I recommend that you do the same. Here’s what I think we can expect:

1. Triggers. Your old shit wants to be moved to the compost pile. It wants to be recycled. It wants to be the fertile ground for new growth. Triggers are the markers of where the energy is stuck — in your body, in your mind, in your spirit. This is not the time to ignore, suppress, deny, or reject the sludge of the past. This is the time to let it go and move on.

2. Reception. There is so much fresh, vibrant energy trying to get into your energy field. There is so much love and blessings and opportunity trying to be received by you. Pay attention. Old habits are pointless. Old ways of being are outdated. Old beliefs are just barriers blocking you from your fullest potential.

3. Gifts. The world needs your wildest, craziest, most unconventional gifts right now. The universe is begging you to share your song, your story, your vision of the future. We used to live on autopilot. We could just go with the flow and get by ok. Not anymore. The wellbeing of the planet on it depends on your willingness to fully step into your power and be the person that you were meant to be.

4. Community. We are shifting from a me-world to a we-world. This is not just theoretical — like wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in community and we loved each other and we sang kumbaya around a fire. This is essential — recognizing the interconnectedness, the interdependency, the REALITY of our one-ness is the Future. You are not alone. You have never been alone. Stepping into the family of things — finding your place in it — owning your role in it — is what you are being called to do.

5. Healing. We are healing all the shit that was passed down to us — the patriarchy, the capitalism, the exploitation, the collective trauma of race, sex, violence and oppression. We did not create this but we inherited it. It is our job to transform it into new growth, new life, new ways of being. You cannot be passive in this process. We will transition with or without you. Your active participation means that you integrate faster, heal stronger, and live longer than being dragged along by the crowd.

6. Uncertainty. The rules we used to live by, no longer apply. You can’t create the new world with the kind of thinking that created the old one. All of your ideas about identity, work, relationships, money, fulfillment are analog. They are old software that ran a world that destroyed rainforests and ocean life. You will be unsure. You will be confused. You will be uncertain. That’s exactly how you know you are on the right path.

7. Love. The new world is going to be born of and from love. Love of the earth. Love of each other. Love of the plants and animals. Love of our differences. Love of the universe. Love of spiritual connection and the sacred and ritual and magic. If you’re not loving it, it’s got to go. Clinging to shit that makes you feel safe, that makes you feel protected, is a false illusion, it’s a trap. If you are not stepping fully into love, you will be shattered by the changes that are coming. There will be collapse, and love will be the raft that gets us to the other side.

8. Falling down gently. Things are gonna break. More than they have already. We need the breaking. We need the falling apart. We need the letting go, the recycling, the rebirth so we can be a people who lives in alignment with who we truly are. ‘Who we are’ can only be realized when we embrace the falling down and take the time to get back up straighter, more mindfully, more thoughtfully, more fully, more intelligently. We are stronger and smarter than we think we are. It’s time to own it.

9. Selfishness. Growth and change that does not take the collective into consideration will be catastrophic. Your needs are shared by billions of people. We all need the same things. Looking out for Self, without looking out for Earth or Neighbor, will not only leave you alone and disconnected, but it will rob you of the abundance and satisfaction of moving towards a glorious future in a wave of joy, like a big rock concert crowd of fantastic-ness, of celebration, of reclamation, and renewal.

10. Don’t believe me. These are my downloads. You have your own insights. You have your own intuition. The gods and the angels and the plants and the rivers are speaking to you directly. You don’t need to listen to me. You don’t need to read this to know what’s coming. You know what’s coming. You can feel it. You can see it. You can hear it. It’s whispering to you on the wind, it’s caressing your skin. You were born for this. You wouldn’t be here, on this planet, at this moment in time, if you weren’t. You got this.




Designing a future where all beings can be healthy and happy. Gabriellepelicci.com

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GabriellePelicci PhD

GabriellePelicci PhD

Designing a future where all beings can be healthy and happy. Gabriellepelicci.com

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