The Curious Bond between Crypto and Psychedelics

Artwork @BerryBop
  1. Ecstasy. In my previous blockchain article, I wrote about the dopamine rush of crypto lifestyle. “I’m buzzing with adrenaline as I lose one crypto virginity after another–my first NFT, my first bitcoin purchase, my first rave in the metaverse,” I said. The same is true of the ayahuasca journey I did last year. I was blissed to an extreme unlike any ordinary state of consciousness. Both crypto and psychedelics have intense affects on the psyche.
  2. Alternative Reality. Crypto is intended to meet humanity’s needs and desires for sovereignty and self-fulfillment. A world built on a decentralized blockchain is very different than the bureaucratic systems that currently exist. The same is true for psychedelics. We take the medicine because we crave cognitive freedom and emotional serenity. We want to move away from the ‘central point of control’ to a boundless experience.
  3. Transformation. Using blockchain technology not only alters our mindset, but it also changes our economic and social systems. Sometimes the change is good — like raising funds for a finca — and other times it is destructive. We’ve all heard the horror stories of scammers, hackers and other nefarious crypto characters. The same is true for hallucinogenic substances. A good trip can cure your PTSD and a bad one can be traumatizing.
  4. Rebellion. Cypherpunks and anarchists have been trying to create independent money for a more than 40 years. Hippies and spiritual seekers have been rejecting conventional values for even longer. We have to be pirates to embark on the crypto or the psychedelic journey. It’s risky. It’s counter-cultural. It exists on the margins of legality. We are rebels with a cause, and a fervor for the new age.
  5. Evolution. Humanity has been suffering long enough from archaic ways of thinking and being. Our insatiable consumption of resources is causing widespread disease, suffering, and destruction. Both crypto and psychedelics are a path forward. They give us the spiritual and material technologies to rebuild relationships with ourselves and our planet. We’ve had enough wake-up calls — we need to organize around these miraculous tools for healing and restoration.



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GabriellePelicci PhD

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