The Whole World in a Dinner Party

I went to a dinner party last night. It was everything and nothing that I expected. I knew that the apartment would be luxurious and beautiful. I knew that the small group would be well-traveled and well-educated. I knew that there would be generous amounts of food and wine. What I didn’t expect was that these “strangers” echoed the same sentiments that I have been hearing in so many communities north to south, east to west, for the past 18 months.

Here’s how it showed up last night…

We did a blessing for the meal and the host said that he had been meaning to start this tradition for a long time but he kept procrastinating. He said he couldn’t put it off any longer because he wants community, he wants connection, he wants his home to be a gathering place for neighbors and strangers. There was a collective cheer in the room.

We sat down to break bread and I immediately fell into a conversation with two women — one a jewelry maker and the other a healer. They were both looking for that “feeling” of belonging to the land and the people. They experience a dissonance in urban environments, a kind of emptiness of indigenous energy and they are looking to relocate to someplace like Spain or Israel where they feel more connected.

As we went around the table, telling stories and getting to know each other, one Australian man was talking about his healing work as a psychedelic psychotherapist. He takes people on mushroom journeys and goes on quite a few trips himself. In a recent trip, he was speaking with the flowers, which were guiding him into more love and self-compassion than he has ever felt.

I went out on the balcony to listen to the ocean waves and I noticed an absence of starlight that made my heart hurt. An art dealer from Mexico joined me and I mentioned my sadness to him. He immediately agreed and we got into a passionate discussion about what it feels like to be in a place like the Rio Grande River after dark, where the stars are so alive that they come down and grab you and pull you into a cosmic dance. We were giddy as we talked about how exhilarating it is to connect with the universe in that way.

Upon my return to the living room, I met a couple who were visiting from Tennessee. They are crypto consults on a humanitarian mission to liberate everyone — especially women and children — from a dysfunctional and elitist economic system. I, myself, have just started investing in crypto and I could relate to the excitement about a financial system that is actually for the people, by the people.

The host joined us on the couch and told us about a recent retreat he attended in Sedona where people gathered from all over the world to do “transformational” work that took him on a deep inner journey. The facilitator is known for his endorsement of Ayahuasca and other kinds of plant medicine. There were nods of agreement about how important it is to do “the work” so your life and relationships can be healthy.

At various points during the rest of the evening, I talked about Earthships, ecovillages, permaculture, herbalism and so on. Everyone knew what I was talking about. They had seen a documentary or read a book about it. Why was I even surprised?

Regardless of age, location, religion, or profession, there seems to be CONSENSUS that we need to uplevel our connection to the Earth and each other. We need to learn from the plants and mushrooms. We need to live in places where we can talk to stars and learn from indigenous humans.

Honestly, every place I go now, I am having the same conversation, different faces, different places.

The world is changing.

The harvest time is here.

Happy Samhain-Halloween.




Designing a future where all beings can be healthy and happy.

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GabriellePelicci PhD

GabriellePelicci PhD

Designing a future where all beings can be healthy and happy.

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